Weekend Plans, an Air Medal, and a Purple Heart

I made a New Year's Resolution this year to Get Creative Every Weekend. Generally, this means the production of stuff - a drawing, a model kit, an electronics project, a piece of writing, some non-work related code.

I'm painting the Apollo 27 model and it's been frustrating, so I may take a break from it this weekend, or I might not. I haven't decided yet. Right now I could go either way. I guess a lot of it depends on time.

Today I have several things planned.

Back when I redid my office last year (the first time) and switched rookms with my daughter, I scaled back a lot on art/craft/building materials and put everything in one 15x20x15 plastic bin in the closet. Anyone who knows me knows I can't stand clutter, so I've been determined keep my supplies (excluding the drawing/painting supplies shelved elsewhere) within the contents of that bin, despite the uptick in making stuff.

I've done well in this endeavor. I'm not outgrowing the space, but now that I'm doing more things more frequently, I'm finding one big bin to be super annoying and disorganized.

When I went shopping yesterday, I noticed that, for some reason, there are a lot of sterilite storage units on sale right now, so I'm going to pick up a small 3-drawer unit today.

So that's my plan for today - to get my creative supply stuff organized.

Also to play Shadowrun.

And do the adult thing and finish sorting out the changes in the family's health insurance.

As for Sunday?

A Family Project

I'm putting this here for some accountability, because I really want to get this project done, but it's also a very tedious one, so I tend to procrastinate on it.

Over Christmas, I received a lot of documents and items from my dad, including some old family photos, my Mom's sketchbook that he'd found, which I thought had been lost in a flood some time ago, and several papers, photos, and medals from my grandfather and my great uncle's service in WWII.

Some of these documents are 70 years old. They're living in an air-tight container, but it's hard to say how much longer they'll be with us in their original state. So I'm in the process of digitizing as much of this as I can.

I'm not exactly sure yet how much, if any of this, I will share with the internet. I find it to be fascinating bits of history, but at the same time, oddly personal even though most of the written accounts are about their units, not them individually.

I will, however leave you with this, a couple of medals received by my great uncle, killed in combat, shot down over Ploiești. You can read about it here and here.