Udvar Hazy Museum & The Space Shuttle Discovery

After leaving Luray Cavern, we continued on to DC, stopping at the Udvar Hazy museum - an annex of the National Air & Space Smithsonian.

As we headed into the exhibits, Kiera had to stop and get a picture with the cut-out of Neil Armstrong.
And then, we got downstairs, and there it was.
To say that it's big would be an understatement. It's also kind of beat up! I guess space travel will do that to you (or Earth's atmosphere, at least).
Oh, Canada .... arm!
This is the closest I could get to a picture of the whole shuttle. I couldn't really back away or zoom out more.
They also had some cool Mercury, Gemini and Apollo pieces on display.
My favorite spacesuit.
An old UNICAC tape console.
More Apollo-era computer consoles. it fascinates me that we went to the moon with this tech.
Finally, we had to stop by and see this bit of history on the way out - The Enola Gay. I saw Boxcar on display at Writhg-Patterson several years back (and may or may not have snuck into the bomb bay). Now I've seen both.