TNW Part 7 - I want to tell you a story.

Let's take a little journey from modern day to the far future, shall we? It's going to be a bumpy ride, but there's a game at the end of it, so hey, there's that.

Everyone grows up and leaves home eventually. It may have taken us a couple hundred thousand years, but we got there. The first humans to leave Earth went to the obvious places; Mars, the moon, and later on, out into the asteroid belt. Life outside of Earth’s gravity well was hard, but our home was on the fast track becoming an overpopulated, over polluted ball of mud. What other options did we have?

Then the United Science Initiative discovered the galaxy they dubbed Eridia-508. More importantly, they also discovered the wormhole that would one day lead us there.

With several planets capable of supporting human life near its galactic center, Eridia-508 became the hottest thing since sliced bread, but the wormhole was unstable and unsafe. Not to be deterred, Mankind’s four nation-states each sent thousands of colonists in generation ships to settle their new-found galaxy the slow way. Meanwhile back home, tensions continued to mount, and war became inevitable.

Arriving at Eridia-508, colonists from each nation-state claimed a world for their own and got down to the business of building self-sustaining civilizations. Much to their surprise, owing to their slow travel and technological improvements back home, the rest of humanity showed up about a year later.

They poured through the wormhole by the millions; refugees flocking to barely established worlds. They arrived in a panic, without warning, without proper supplies, ahead of schedule, and desperate for a new life away from their war-torn system.

Then it happened. The equipment stabilizing the Sol side of the worm hole was sabotaged and destroyed. There would be no more support or re-enforcements from home.

Now the war that started in the Sol system has spread to Eridia-508 in the form of small skirmishes and deadly threats. With previous ties cut, each nation-state turned new faction seeks to take control of the galaxy and build homes for their millions of displaced settlers in a race for survival. There remains hope, however, that once the galaxy is settled and the immediate threats of violence and starvation abated, peace will be restored. Perhaps one day the humans who settled here can live together, under one government, as one people.

That’s the dream, anyway.

And there you have it... I can't wait until you can all play it.