TNW Part 4 - First round of rule revisions

Tonight I did my first round of rules revisions for These New Worlds. It felt pretty straightforward since I'd made good notes during our initial play through, but a fair number of things changed.

I ended up completely reorganizing player turns, grouping actions into four distinct "phases" with one or more possible actions in each phase. I did this to preserve the "plan ahead" technology card strategy mechanic, and to make movement a little more strategic, as well.

Next, I pretty much reversed the order of play in regards to how planets were explored and settled, and made a few of the effects encountered during those instances a bit more permanent.

After that, I added a couple of new board elements and revised some existing ones in order to bring some more variety to the game play.

Finally, I clarified some things that had been pretty ambiguous initially, like movement into corner hexes and movement into and through planet hexes.

Here.... let me draw a picture:

The board consists of between 16-20 of these tiles, with planets in various locations. Some contain other obstacles and objects, etc. There are also a few special tiles that contain things like nebulas and rogue asteroids. At the center of the galaxy, there's a black hole that slowly sucks ships into it.

So, as you can see, this creates a ton of options for movement, some hex spaces actually physically occupy multiple tiles, etc. So I needed to clarify some of that.

The rules feel more solid now, but revising the components will take a bit more work. I have to add a few things and do some color coding that didn't exist before.

I haven't decided yet if I'm going to re-print things or not. I'll probably just draw on the existing pieces for now.

I also have a ton of card revisions to make. That will be the hardest part, I think.

Even with the successes of the initial testing, there's a ton of work ahead.

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