TNW - P&P Public Beta

Well, it's here, finally. I'm terrified to put it out there, but hey... you have to do it at some point.

Not only did the site get a facelift, I published the print & play beta version of the game for download, and published the game rules.

I was originally sending the game out to individuals, but decided to just put it out there for anyone who was interested to download and test.

What we've found over the course of our own play testing is that TNW is a lightweight game with a luck-based component (the cards you're dealt), but that subtle strategies emerge in terms of when to play cards. Card play can impact your opponent's ability to play cards/gather resources, and can change your own resource gathering. That, in turn, affects how you purchase planets. It adds up to a nice little experience.

Here's a bit more sample artwork to celebrate!