That Was Quick - Arrma Granite BLX

Yeah, I liked the RC thing quite a lot, so I upgraded. Here's a quick look and some initial thoughts. I'll have a more in-depth post later, most likely.

Big box.

Logs of details; a quick look at some of the design, gearing, stats... the usual side-of-the-box stuff.

And inside is the transmitter and the truck, and not a lot of extra packaging material, but it seemed to hold up well.

A first look at the truck out of the box.

Front view

Everything besides the truck - manual, a card explaining high-speed gearing options and performance with various battery types, a few spare parts, and a few basic tools for working on the thing.

Eye-candy shot.

My overall first impressions: I love this thing. It's fast, durable, performs well, and is just a lot of fun to play with. I do have a couple of very minor complaints, though.

  • All the reviews I'd seen of this truck said that the chassis came with metal side rails - mine were plastic. They seem durable, but they're not metal like I expected. Maybe I have a slightly different version. This would make sense given the cost, but nowhere on their website or the product page was it even noted that such a thing existed, let alone that it's what I was buying. Still, for the price, I'm happy!
  • The motor comes unplugged kind of easily. - We had a couple of big wrecks today and twice the blue power cable from the ESC to the motor came unplugged. It was a simple matter of plugging it back in, but that's annoying to have to do. The other wires were starting to work their way loose, too. If it continues, I'll try wrapping the connections in electrical tape and see if that helps.

From here, my only real concern is that I don't yet know what I'm doing. I'm having a lot of fun taking it out and driving it around, so in that regard, it's everything I wanted it to be. However, at some point, something's going to break and I don't yet know enough about maintenance and how it all works to fix it, so that still feels a little intimidating. It's all plug and play connectors and screws, though, so it can't be too hard, and there is a huge exploded diagram of the whole vehicle in the manual.

I also picked up a nice Tenergy charger for the LiPo batteries I posted, but I may turn that into another blog post of its own. There's a little complexity around LiPo batteries and I may write a bit of a guide based on what I've learned. It's not hard, but it's not as simple as plug it in to charge and use it until it runs down.