Stickers! On my keyboard!

I got a big pile of stickers in the mail today. Let's have some fun!

First up, off with the caps.

Ick! It's dirty under there - good time to clean it.

Remove the screws, take out the PCB/plate/switches.

I assume this plastic tray is intended to keep the metal case from shorting out the PCB - Yeah, gonna be sure to put that back when I'm done.

Now to wipe the case down with an alcohol swab to get rid of a year's worth of dirt and oils for better sticker sticktitude.

I meant to take some progress pics, but I was having so much fun, I didn't think of it until I was almost done (there are a couple more to come later).

Now, it's time for some ModPodge to seal it all in the hopes of preventing individual stickers from peeling up.

I was a little worried that the moisture from the ModPodge would cause the stickers to bubble or peel, but they held up - they do have a bit of a plastic coating.

Time to ModPodge the top edges.

All put back togehter! Here's a look at the front.

Right Side


Left Side

And the bottom (clearly the best part). The ModPodge gave everything a nice matte finish, too - I like that better than the high gloss of the stickers themselves.

Next up, I'm waiting on a couple of aluminum feet for the bottom of the case that will keep the stickers from rubbing the desk. That should be here in a few days. In the mean time, I'll set it on a towel, just to be safe. I've also ordered a custom USB cabel kit so I can make a new/better cable.

That should finish off the work on this keyboard.