Spaceship Build Part 5 - Wiring & Final Touches

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This is it, time to finish up the model! Here are the LEDs, battery strap, electrical tape, etc. I ended up not using the green LEDs because I didn't like how they clashed with the red. I was afraid that might happen when I ordered them, hence the reason I also got the cool white lights,

Here I just taped some of the wires together so they would be a little less unwieldy.

As for placement, I stuck the red LEDs for the engine in the center column and held them in place with a bit of electrical tape.

Next, I tried taping the white LEDs at the ends of the entrances, but this turned out not to work, because then there wasn't room to fit the saucer halves together. Good thing I didn't glue them.

So I took them off, put the two halves together and marked holes in the center column so I could place the LEDs in there.

I just drilled some little holes with my X-Acto knife and put the LEDs in place with Gorilla Glue.

Then I tucked the rest of the wires in that center channel, just like I did for the engine lights.

This seemed like a good time to test it.

We have lights! All of them. Yay!

Once everything was working, it was time to tape up all of the wires.

I decided I wanted those red LEDs against the center of the model more, so the light would diffuse better (which worked really well). I just stuck a rubber band around it to hold it in place.

I sacrificed the top of the box that the model came in to cut a cover for all of that wiring.

I held it down with a little double-sided tape. That looks much cleaner.

And here's the finished model, on its base, lights on!

Here's a final shot of the lighting.

That was a lot of fun. I'm very h appy with the way it turned out. It didn't go exactly according to my original plan, but it was really close.

Thanks for reading!