Spaceship Build Part 3 - Some Assembly Required

Today I started spray painting saucer pieces. I'd intended to stop once I got my silver pieces painted, but that kind of didn't happen. Here's the bottom half of the saucer and the top dome.

Paiting the top half of the saucer.

Top saucer finished and a few other pieces.

Entry ramps, converyor, and stairs.

Here's another look at all of the landing gear with its silver basecoat.

That's enough watching me spray paint things silver. My clear red arrived! Here you can see I've hit the 16 "glass" engine panels with a couple of coats of it.

At this point I was ready to paint the darker grey outer ring of the saucer, so before covering the whole saucer with painter's tape, I decided to test the tape on a small portion that would be painted darker, in case the paint pulled off.

It's a good thing I did!

No worries, though. It touched up easily. I'm loving this Tamiya paint - excellent quality and coverage. It costs a bit more, but it's so worth it.

I'll have to rethink my strategy here.

In the mean time, it's back to working on the engine. I painted it with a flat black craft acrylic, because that's the only black paint I had. I'd planned to use an enamal, but I was out. Once it's assembled, this won't matter.

Then I started plugging in the red engine panels. I'm now convinced that the only reason these panels are comprised of 16 individual pieces is to give this model something resembling a challenge to assemble. This could have easily been one piece.

Finally got them all in there.

And here's the other side, black and red looks good.

Next, I stuck the center landing pad on the bottom. I went ahead and glued it in place so it would be nice and solid, because this is the piece that contains the magnet. My saucer will never fly.

(Technically, if you use the center landing pad, you're supposed to paint that bottom dome silver, rather than leaving the engine exposed, but I think this looks cooler, especially since I plan to light it.)

I held it up to the desk lamp real quick here to get an idea of how it would look when it's all lit and glwoing. Nice. That frosted glass hides a lot of little sins.

Time to work on the ramps and stairs. That Tamiya gunmetal grey goes on just as bwautifully as the spray paint does and it looks great.

You can get a better feel for the metalic sheen of the gunmetal paint in this photo. Seriously, this paint is so nice to apply, way better than the basic Testors enamals. Testor's Model Masters line is better than their basic paints, but I still think I like the Tamiya paint a little better.

Remember those weird little leaf spring pieces? This is how they fit into the grand scheme of things. This is the mechanism that's going to allow those ramps to raise and lower.

That's enough for today, though I'm dying to finish it. Time to put it all back on the box for now. :(

This is getting exciting.