Spaceship Build Part 2 - First Look at The Kit

I got the main kit in a few days ago. I was trying to hold off until I got the rest of the parts to break into it, but I couldn't resist. The box arrived a little warped, like it had been sitting on the bottom of a stack somewhere.

Inside are a couple of bags containing pieces on sprues, the instructions, registration card, a flyer from the model company, and the two main saucer halves - all unharmed from the warping.

Here's a better look at it all laid out, minus the junk flyer and registration card.

As you can see, though, it's not very clean. Take a look at where the bottom part of the saucer was attached to its mold.

Also, there's a lot of flash on the underside of the top saucer section. This won't be at all visible, but I'll have to remove some of it or the top and bottom saucer halves won't fit together properly.

Here's a closer look at the clear parts - the fact that they're frosted is a nice touch.

And here are the remaining pieces of the model, including the top dome, landing gear, and leaf springs that make them functional. As you can see, parts-wise, there's not a whole lot to this kit.

Here's that bottom saucer section after a bit of cleaning. There's still some debris to remove, but it's getting there.

I filed off some of the flash on the top saucer section as well, so now the pieces should fit together like they're supposed to.

Time to test-fit the two saucer halves and the top dome. The two biggest pieces of the model are harder to get togehter than I would have imagined. There are a ton of little pegs and holes to line up.

And the bottom dome...

And here's a look at it from the under-side.

The bottom dome, with center landing pad installed and the center engine , minus the 16 frosted engine panels.

There are pieces that fit over the three entrances to the saucer, so you're not looking up into an empty model. This will be nice for lighting the model, since it will direct more light down and out of the entry ways.

Here I test-fit the pieces for the gangway with the stairs, including the handrails.

And here's the conveyor belt one (the 3rd is simply a ramp)

Finally, I cleaned up all of those little engine panels. These will get painted with clear red (one of the things I'm still waiting on) and lit from behind with red LEDs.

That's all for now, just a quick look at the kit and a little bit of clean up. I'm still waiting on a few more LEDs and the translucent red paint to arrive. They should show up early next week.

I'm happy with this so far. The kit is simple, but it looks great and when it's all painted and wired up with lights, it should be a great display piece.

If the weather permits, I will likely get started on the silver spray painting this weekend. I have quite a bit to do.