Saturday Night Build - Crystal Skull

Yesterday was a frustrating day, so I hit up the toy isle in search of a brief distraction. I found this 3D puzzle. It looked fun and was on clearance, so I grabbed it.

Having never done one of these before, I opened the box expecting to find some instructions. Nope... nothing in there but the pieces and a little paper showing all of the other puzzles I could buy.

OK, I'm smart. I'm an engineer. Who needs instructions, anyway, right? Time to lay out all of the pieces.

At this point, and for the next several moments after, I sat there wondering what I'd gotten myself into. This is a skill level 2 puzzle, out of how many skill levels, I do not know. However, given that I assumed "Level 2" would be pretty simple, this presented more challenge than I was expecting.

I was going to take photos of the build process, but I had a lot of distractions. I ended up working on it off and on over the next couple of hours, with the total amount of work probably actually coming in somewhere around 40 minutes. My bad eyesight slowed me down a little thought. Because everything was transulcent and the same color, and because I have no depth perception, sometimes it was hard to see.

The finished puzzle looks really good and is very solid. It's not going to come apart easily, which is good. There were a few burrs on the pieces here and there that prevented things from sitting flush. They were easily trimmed off with the Sword of Exact Zero.

Most of the challenge of the puzzle was in the first half (in my case I started at the top of the skull and worked my way down). The latter pieces became pretty obvious, but after fiddlling with it for a while, it was kind of satisfying to just have those last bits sort of fall into place.

All in all, a fun little distraction for the $6 I paid for it and a neat little conversation piece. I'd buy more 3D puzzles like this.