The Bored Room #2

The Board Room

Accessibility Goodness:

Setting: Two business monsters are standing next to each other having a conversation. The monster on the right (Fuzzy) is a fuzzball with eyes and stubby feet. The monster on the left (Shroom) is a big, spotted mushroom with one large eye.

Shroom: “What are you doing?

Fuzzy: [looking at a list] “Grooming the backlog”

Shroom: “That doesn’t seem right. Shouldn’t your team do that?”

Fuzzy: “They take hours to do it!”


Fuzzy: [left, ranting to Shroom] “This feature implementation is all wrong. The devs claim it’s because they didn’t have enough context!”

Shroom: [right, while reading] “You saved a lot of time by doing their backlog refinement for them, huh?”

Adapting to new processes can often feel like it’s slowing you down, but meaningful growth doesn’t happen overnight.