MacroTracker - The Most Basic Web App Ever

I've been making some pretty hardcore diet changes lately, but for the most part, I've been pretty lazy about tracking specifics. Now that I'm a good bit into the process, I decided it's time to optimize my success and that means tracking what I'm eating.

I tried using My Fittness Pal. I hated it. It was way too much work and overhead and not designed to really be compatible with my particular way of eating. Sure, it has a food database, which can be handy, but there's so much friction in the UI that I just stop caring about logging anything by about two seconds in.

A while back my good friend/co-worker/podcast co-host/mentor wrote Kilo to solve this exact same problem.

Jon's way healthier than I am, though, so he can afford to just track calories and not worry about the rest. Me? I need to be a little more specific.

So last night I wrote a very simple, Kilo-inspired (but not nearly as polished) single-user calorie logging tool that also records macro-nutrients.

It's very basic, easily the simplest web app I've built in years, but it does exactly what I need it to do.

If you like, you can peruse the source on Github.

Here's what it looks like:

It starts off with a circa 2003 layout and a login screen.

Then you get your daily overview, with a summary of nutrient info at the top and a detailed list below.

You can log a new food item.

Or update your calorie and nutrient targets, but there's no math going on to make sure the calories actually make sense when compared to the macros.

Finally, there's a history that shows the past 14 days, grouped by day, and a link to download all the history as a CSV file, so you can do more data analysis/graphing with it.

And that's that.