Lost In Space Robot - Afternoon Build

A few days ago I bought a little Lost In Space robot model kit from a gentleman on eBay, and I do mean little. The kit measures about 3.5 inches tall when completed. It showed up today!

As you can imagine, given its size, this is a simple kit, so simple, in fact, that the instructions are printed on the back:

This is perfect. I didn't want a big build project, just something to keep me busy for one afternoon, and he'll look good on my shelf.

Time to get painting! I started by giving most things a base coat of either gunmetal grey or titanium silver - they look incredibly similar in the photos, but there's a subtle difference. Then I started assembling.

Not a lot of photos of the build process, because it was so straightforward, but here's one progress picture of the robot's "head."

Almost there. Now that things are assembled, I just need to finish up the paint job. I'm also going to weather him slightly with some black paint and some antique silver Rub 'n Buff.

Finished robot! This turned out to be exactly what I wanted - a fairly low-key, small project that was relaxing and fun.

I like how the little guy turned out.