LEGO Saturn 5 Rocket Build

A very generous gift showed up at my front door Saturday morning and I just couldn't resist pulling an all-nighter last night to build it. It was great. The house was quiet and I was able to zone out and relax and just play with LEGO for... many hours.

Here's the build log, mostly photos, not a lot of commentary.

First look - this box is huge and heavy, nearly 2000 pieces and really n ice artwork.

Back of the box gives a nice overview of the kit.

Inside were 12 big bags of pieces and a rule book that might be thicker than my local small town phone book.

Parts list if you want to take inventory - I decided to trust the LEGO gods.

The inside of the booklet also had some nice historical information about the Apollo program and the Saturn 5 itself.

Cleverly diagramed in LEGO no less.

Sorting that first bag of parts...

And then I built for a bit.
Interesting little internal structure here.
Finishing up that second section.
And attaching them.
On to parts bag number 2.
A bunch of side panels...
Putting them in place on the rocket.
Moving on to bag three!
More panels.
Building some small pieces here. I clearly stopped paying attention after making the third one (I fixed it).
Putting some more little details on and finishing up the bag.
Now it's on to bag four!
These are neat. Check it out...
Time to fill in some empty spaces with more panels.
This is a nice little attention to detail.
And on to bag 5! This is a smaller bag, so it didn't take long.
I love the way these little panels fit into place.
Bag six... Let's add some rockets to our rocket.
On to bag 7 and time to start the second stage of the rocket. This starts out quite similar to the first.
But the connections that the first stage will attach to are a bit different.
On to bag 8, panels and details for the second stage.
That was fairly short, so now it's on to the next bag, which is q pretty straightforward set of pieces for finishing up the outer panels for the second stage.
And the final bag of parts for stage 2.
I like how they tapered the rocket here, really neat the way it all goes together.
Time to start building the service module.
Finished service module...
On the rocket.
Finally, time for the command module LEM, and capsule.
Here's the full rocket in all of its glory. It's 40in tall!
And here's the little LEM (yes, it will fit in the service module) and capsule, in the ocean after splashdown.

What a kit! This was so much fun to build. It's certainly the largest LEGO set i've ever assembled. It now sits in my office, next to the bookshelf that contains some sci-fi spaceship models I've built, under an large outer-space themed wall-hanging.