Keyboard Evolution - Final Form

Yep, I'm back at it again. After putting the stickers on the keyboard, I decided I needed to take it one, OK, two steps further.

I picked up some blue anadozed aluminum feet.

Had to cover my alient a bit, but not bad, and the feet give the board a nice angle.

Next, I decided it was time to redo the cable. I'd bought a short one a while ago and wrapped in paracord that matchted the blue keycaps, but I was just getting bored with it, so I thought I'd see if I could come up with something that matched the stickered look a little better.

All the paracord removed...

Tape up the ends... we're going somewhere with this.

Plasti-Dip is pretty flexible, so it should be OK to coat the cable. All blue and hung up to dry.

Dri now, time to take off the tape.


We have the technology (and the stickers). We can do more! That end looks dull because the sealer's still a little damp underneath and it's cloudy 'til it dries.

Oh, here's a look at the change in angle due to the feet - this is another good reason to stick with the DSA profile caps - nothing toos culpted.

Finished board with custom cable!

My obsession with turning my keyboard into a work of art may qualify as a mental condition at this point.