International Spy Museum

We looked forward to this one for weeks. It did not disappoint. Unfortunately, there were a lot of restrictions on photography and the place was packed, making it difficult to get pictures anyway. I did manage to snap a few, though.

This poison dart shooting umbrella was near the top of my list of items to find, having just heard about it the day before, from my dad who'd seen a documentary that talked about it earlier in the week. It was fairly prominently on display.
More spy gadgets! I honestly thought all of those things were just made up for the movies. Turns out, while the movies may exaggerate, crazy gadgets and weapons disguised as other things is very common.
Of course, you can't talk about spies and sneaking without ninjas (apparently).
Here was what I really wanted to see - an Enigma machine. If only they would have let me take it apart and tinker with the insides....