Inktober 2017 - Oct. 1 - Oct. 10

It's kind of crazy that Inktober is already 1/3 over. It doesn't seem like it's been that long.

Here's what I've come up with for the first 10 days of the month:

Day 1: Swift

This is probably the most detailed and definitely the most realistic drawing I've done for Inktober so far (and maybe it will remain that way). It's also the one I felt the most intimidated by; new sketchbook, fairly complex subject, hadn't drawn in over a year. Getting this first one out of the way was a big step.

Day 2: Divided

I was going for a whole city v. nature thing here...

Day 3: Poison

Originally I was going to do everything in greyscale, but this is where I made the decision to start bringing in some color in places. This is one of my favorite pieces so far.

Day 4: Underwater

And here's where I decided that in addition to color, I wasn't above just sketching the occasional licensed character.

Day 5: Long
I'm definitely steering away from realism at this point with my cartoon giraffe.

Day 6: Sword
The white pen is a lot of fun to play with and I really like how the highlights ended up on this drawing, especially on the rock.

Day 7: Shy
I kept this one very simple since I wasn't feeling well.

Day 8: Crooked
Another simple one and a little change of style, for some variety. I really like the idea of this one, but I still wasn't feeling well at all and don't think I pulled it off as well as I could have if I'd paid more time and attention to it.

Day 9: Screech
For such a simple drawing (still sick!), I really like the way this one turned out. I love the shading and the highlights.

Day 10: Gigantic
Back to the land of licensed characters. This big, furry dude from my childhood was the first thing that came to mind when I read the prompt.

That's the first 10 days of Inktober! I like some of the drawings better than others, but on the whole, I'm pleased with them and with the project.

Working with the markers on the toned paper has been a lot of fun. It may be my new favorite way to draw. I'm also enjoying consistently creating art that I'm not holding to some lofty standard of perfection. It's just art for fun.