I'm Learning Blender

Recently, I decided to learn the popular, open-source 3D modeling software, Blender. If you've never seen Blender before, your first reaction upon looking at it might be to run away screaming. It has a massive complex UI compared to a lot of software.

I tried learning Blender years ago and ran away screaming after about 15 minutes.

So this time, I decided to take a proper approach to learning it and picked up this amazing course on Udemy and I have been working my way through it.

So far, I've only completed two sections, but already things are making a lot of sense and I'm starting to see just how powerful Blender is.

I haven't gotten as far as textures and lighting effects yet (I believe that's coming up next), but here are a few early models.

My Cell Phone:

My Desk Mic

Generic Airplane

A Ziggurat

My Macro Pad

A Bowling Pin

A Wine Glass