Beat Up Old Hunk of Space Junk

Well, I finished the spaceship model kit I started last week. It was rough - no two pieces in the kit fit together properly. I had to do a lot of trimming and sanding and cutting. Finishing it with the Rubb 'n Buff was also interesting. It took a bit to get the hang of applying it properly, but in the end, the final product looked like a big piece of beat up space junk - so much so that I decided to add some additional battle damage across the bow of the ship.

So here we go! After much trimming and sanding, I started by giving everything a basecoat of black spraypaint:

I started out with some gold Rubb 'n Buff on this part, which goes on the back of the ship - really fun look!

Then I started painting the inside of the engines - the edges aren't painted, but they won't be seen.

More Rubb 'n Buff on the engines, with a little bit of weathering. If you want a flat, solid finish, this stuff isn't it, but if you want a weathered look, it's great!

Then I got so into finishing the ship that I forgot to take more pictures, but here's the final product, without any decals. I doubt I'll add them, because I don't really like the way they look.

It was a quick build, done mostly so I could experiment with the finish. I'm happy with the way the experiment turned out, but between the poor quality of the model kit and the learning curve with the Rubb 'n Buff, the project definitely had its frustrating moments.