Arcade (Half) Cabinet Build

I've decided to build half an arcade cabinet; specifically, the bottom half. Basically, I want a two-player set of arcade console controls that we can use sitting on the couch.

Before I start building, though, I need parts!

First up, a Raspberry Pi 3 B+. Here's a stock photo, since I have to remove mine from another build before I can get started with it.


Next up, I knew I'd need to purchase a new case, so I went ahead and got a little acrylic one with a fan and a few heatsinks, since the game "cabinet" will be mostly enclosed.


Now for some more boring parts:

A 10ft long male to male USB cable (yes, I laid it down in water, because I'm blind). The whole console will be powered by USB and I wanted a cord that was plenty long enough.

Note that this build will also require an HDMI cable, but chances are, I already have one of those laying around the house somewhere.

Then I got a USB to micro-USB adapter, so I can actually power the Pi. It occurs to me now that I could have also just got a 10ft USB to micro-USB cable and saved myself a step. This feels more useful for repurposing later, should I want to, though.

The next and slightly more interesting bit is a dash panel mount USB/HDMI cable combo. This will allow me to keep all of the internal wires and bits internal and create one single adapter port accessible from the outside of the cabinet for power in and HDMI out.


Of course, if I'm going to build a cabinet, I need to drill some holes for the buttons and joystick, and I didn't have any drill bits big enough, so I picked up a set (only one shown here):


And finally, the most exciting part so far, the buttons and joystick, and control boards and a bunch of jumper wires. There are a lot of extra wires for these because the buttons have LEDs in them. I'm not sure yet if I'll hook those up or not, but I probably will.


Phase two will be heading to Lowes for a half-sheet of plywood, sandpaper, and maybe a couple of 1x4 boards. I have screws and some polyurethane on a shelf somewhere, I think.