A Wild Package Appears - Part Two

Time to get building! What follows is just a photo-heavy logo f the build process, without a lot of commentary.

More torso
Now with rocket pack
Finished waist
Putting togehter the upper body
Side angle of upper body
Making an arm
Shnoulder armor
Arm in place
Second arm with ammo rack
Making some feet
Workingo n the leg
Leg assembled
Attaching the leg
Attaching the other leg
From the back
Adding a gun and ammo
Better shot of the upper body
Zoomed out

This was really fun to build and I was really pleased with the results. I think a larger, more involved one would be fun, but these smaller ones are great for a one-day project.

I may yet weather and paint it some. I haven't fully decided, which is why I haven't put the decals on yet. If I do, I'll post final pictures.

All in all, and for the money, this project was much more enjoyable and in-depth than I had expected it to be.

A++ would buy again.